Aside from our collection we can also make a bespoke piece just for you. Designed in your style, to match your own personal taste and to complement your unique character. For more information visit our BESPOKE section.

  • Agnes : Lithuania
    Upon receipt of the shipment, I expected a really good hat, because your presentation and image give that feeling of product quality. While unpacking everything, I just held my breath because every detail, touch, kept amaze and didn't disappoint. I am a true hat lover, I have a really good collection of hats, but after buying your work, I can no longer go with my old ones ... I was most excited and delighted, after all the ecstasy, and the handwritten detail that I saw.... was so unreal! Also, I have to mention that after a long time of wearing it, a hat not changes its shape, it is very important to me, because I was disappointed many times before and this is really big issue with hats. Im really happy with everything, from design to execution. This not only a hat, this is expression, feeling, personality. It gives much more. So far, this is the best hats I have ever had, touched or felt.
    Agnes : Lithuania
  • Dainora : Lithuania
    Clear, rapid and quality service. Hat has come very beautifully packed! This is a truly distinctive artist job designed individually! I was very surprised and happy! Just the best responses. The best regards!
    Dainora : Lithuania
  • Jorge: Barcelona
    El Zorro hats no deja de sorprenderme, ya tengo 3 y cada vez me enamora mas. La calidad es espectacular, y los diseños muy únicos. Cada vez que llevo un sombrero, recibo muchos comentarios, no pasan desapercibidos! Gracias Pau
    Jorge: Barcelona
  • Sophie: London
    I ordered a hat after seeing them published in a magazine, and was concerned about buying something so personal online. I was taken aback when the hat arrived, it is just perfect and I am wearing it every day. The quality is amazing, the interior of the hat is so beautiful. It really is a piece of art. I am already planning my next hat purchase 🙂
    Sophie: London
  • James: Los Angeles
    WOW! Am completely in love with these hats, the delivery was fast, and the hat was exactly as I had hoped. Fantastic quality and super design. Will be back for more.
    James: Los Angeles
  • Jennifer: New York
    Thanks Pau, I got the hat yesterday, it is so beautiful, it has exceeded my expectations! It is really comfortable and im just so happy.
    Jennifer: New York